We are a growing network of cooperative developers, business service providers, worker cooperatives, community-based organizations, academics, and institutions. We are bound by a shared vision of a New York City business landscape where worker cooperatives in New York will be an essential and integral actor, thanks to a support infrastructure which catalyzes the development and growth of successful cooperatives. Their presence contributes to an economy that has and will become fairer, more just and equitable, where business ownership is inclusive and accessible and economic justice and community wealth-building are integral parts of business as usual.

We engage in policy, planning, education, field building work benefiting the creation & growth of strong worker cooperative businesses. We strive to build the movement outwards and ensure that the cooperative businesses we help create meet with a market and a business support environment that understands their unique and transformative nature.

Have news or events to share? Email Leigh Brown at lbrown@institute.coop.